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Official Home of The Riftrider's Return Series

Inspiration for the series: Lismore Castle

Musical Inspiration 

What is a Riftrider?

What's next?

In the series, The Riftrider's Return, Meranda is set on a series of adventures stemmed from her capture and finally her release when King Ledric makes sure she's not in mortal danger. He sends her on to Elmwick so she can discover something about herself that she needed to know. Along with her bonded mate, Treidon, Meranda not only discovers love, she also finds out what it really means to become a full-fledged Riftrider.


What happens next for Meranda and her beloved? After Arising from Darkness, more mysteries about Meranda and Treidon's past and future come out into the open. 


A Riftrider is a mix of a ranger and a sorcerer. They can use weapons and cast magic through them with the use of special materials. Ebon wood and Obsidian metal are two such special materials. They have a pet magically assigned to them when they are born to help teach and protect them. 

No copyright infringement intended. Kevin MacLeod holds all rights to this music. Its sole purpose on this site is for inspiration only. To purchase this music, go to YouTube or other music sites. 

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